Specialized IT Support & Network Management for Shipping/Distribution & Trucking Companies

We get it: in your industry any downtime is a problem. Our team is here for you 18/7/365 to troubleshoot technical issues, improve network performance, help protect your business from Ransomware and more. 

distribution company IT support and security
technology support and services
Support 18/7/365

We are here for your first, second and third shifts. Live & local technicians too.

wireless networks
Wireless & Network ​Infrastructure

We make sure your network is stable, secure and efficient.

supply chain security
Supply Chain Security​

We help you lock down your network; protecting your business, your vendors and your customers.

integration of technology
Integration Experts​

In shipping/trucking and distribution, you depend on multiple technologies working together. We can help you unify your systems to increase efficiency.

Managed IT Services

Andromeda can help you stay on top of day-to-day IT issues, network stability, business continuity, employee cybersecurity training and more.

Managed IT Services

  • Professional Service Desk
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Support when you need it 18/7/365
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Network Infrastructure Management

Your whole business depends on a stable and secure network. When you are down, business is down. We help you avoid that.

Network Infrastructure Management

  • Customizable solutions
  • Network monitoring & alerts
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Looking for IT Support in the Shipping/Trucking, Distribution or Transportation Industry?

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distribution cyber security

We recommend these tools and services to our Shipping/Trucking/Logistics & Distribution Clients:

cloud technology and backups
Cloud Services

Documentation, workflows and more can all be hosted in the cloud to help your team be more efficient from anywhere.

layered networks
Layered Network Security

If your network is down, the business is down. We apply a layered security approach to mitigate risk.

cyber security
Cybersecurity Tools​

We recommend and offer a variety of cybertools like spam filtering, antivirus, dark web monitoring, threat detection and more.

backups and business continuity
Backups & Business Continuity Plans

Our team partners with Datto to bring you leading equipment and support for your data backups. We also help you plan for incidents to ensure business continuity.

mobile device management and security
Mobile Device Management

Management of all the devices touching your network is no small feat. We work to help your team stay secure and efficient with tools like Microsoft Intune and Azure.

technology asset management
IT Asset Management & Planning

Updating and maintaining your equipment is costly. Our team helps you get the most out of your equipment while also helping you plan for future updates and needs.

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our work

We have never had a problem that they weren’t able to find a solution for. The services provided by Andromeda Technology Solutions have completely satisfied all project stakeholder expectations, maintaining the client’s uptime and allowing them to focus on their core business. Their team is communicative, always looking for solutions and solving issues quickly.

Bozena Luczak, Wilks Communications Group

They’re willing to work in whatever manner is best for their clients. Andromeda Technology Solutions helps improve system stability and reliability. They’re a team of dedicated and responsive experts. They’re very service-oriented, adjusting their workflow to better accommodate their clients. Overall, it’s been a smooth, collaborative, and valuable partnership.

Samantha Johnson, VP of Operations | GT Mechanical

I can turn to them if there’s a situation I can’t handle. The biggest benefit for me has been that peace of mind. Andromeda Technology Solutions has overhauled most of the network and greatly improved connectivity. They’ve maintained a cohesive team and bring a personal touch to their interactions. They are straightforward, communicative, and informative.

Systems Admin, Manufacturing Company

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