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msp team



Owner/CEO/Director of Client Success

“If you think you’re leading, but no one is following, then you are only taking a walk.”

I am here to make sure we are always learning and improving as a team to make sure we can deliver the very best service for our clients that we can. I am on the constant lookout for things that detract from us providing an unmatched client experience. So many issues can be resolved, often before they start, with great communication. I really feel truly great communication is a lost and dying art – and I work hard almost every day to keep it alive and well inside Andromeda.


Owner/Director of IT Professional Services

“Life isn’t easy… you better get used to it.”

I listen and understand our clients needs to serve them to the best of my ability. I don’t try to fit clients into any pre-defined bucket or push them towards any one product offering – instead, understand and provide the best solution possible. I am proud to say I am a co-founder of Andromeda and believe in meeting and exceeding expectations.


Client Operations Director

“Winning starts and ends with communication.”

I oversee Andromeda’s invoicing, purchasing, day-to-day operations, and ensure our team provides quality work with excellent customer service to our valued client partners. I am here to ensure that the clients have a place to voice their questions and issues related to service, scheduling, and invoicing. Whether the comments be compliments or complaints, the clients can contact me and be assured that I will provide response and action.


Manager of Service Technicians

“When you’re going through hell just keep on going.”

I take care of the escalation tickets and lead the Managed Service Techs. When I am working with a client, at that moment they are the most important. My co-workers are like family.


Manager of Service Operations

“Work hard but have fun!”

Along with the day-to-day that comes with being a Tech at the service desk, I monitor that the Andromeda team is hitting their goals and are on track to meet the clients needs. I am in the background mostly, but I’m still working hard to make sure the clients are happy. I love that Andromeda cares about their clients and employees alike. Everyone here is family and this company really cares.


Director of Sales and Client Retention

“Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.”

I do all things sales related at Andromeda. One thing I would like the clients to know is everything we do is about them. I really enjoy that every day is different and a new chapter. I love learning more about your business and help you to achieve more out of technology.


“Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.”

It’s a great feeling knowing Andromeda has experienced project managers, technicians & service staff ready to help customers when they need it most. I enjoy meeting with business people, understanding their needs & preparing solutions that allow them operate more efficiently.


“The will to win is useless without the will to prepare.”

I get to be a perspective customer’s first chance to talk about the issues and real problems about what is hurting them from doing their job. From there, we get to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make their work life more focused on the task at hand. I serve clients by brining the resources of a 50 person company to solve their technology issues. Our team does a great job at communicating in a way that everyone can understand, regardless of how interested they may be in how technology works.

Account Management

Service Advocate

“If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.”

I partner with my clients and my team to make sure there are no gaps in communication and help facilitate service needs. I have been working in a client-service role for over 26 years.  My belief in communication, listening, and helping my team and my clients is what drives me. I have a firm understanding of how valuable technology is to the businesses we serve, and how consistent support maintains trust and efficiency.

Technical Account Manager

“It’s not about technology, it’s about solutions.”

My primary role is to look at the long-term picture to help clients meet their goals by working with clients to identify their challenges and developing strategies. I always try to put myself in the shoes of my clients and address their issues as if it was my own company.

Service Advocate

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

I have been working for Andromeda for over 6 years now.  It is my pleasure to make sure client’s service requests are handled appropriately and that any other quotes, questions or concerns are answered in a timely manner.  I am not just another voice over the phone, I take the time to build relationships with my clients as this is a partnership. It’s not just a job, it is a passion of mine to service our clients, team and watch the business flourish. The best part of working here is that all of my co-workers have become my second family.

Service Advocate

“Life is an opportunity to work hard, help others, grow professionally and personally, and share our knowledge and positive energy! Seize the day!”

I am the main point of communication for my client base. I manage their daily IT service needs, while working along side a team of technicians who help ensure all issues are resolved in a professional, timely fashion. I value the relationships I have with clients and strive to always give them the care and attention they need. IT is an evolving, complex industry, which makes it fun and challenging. As an Andromeda team member, I strive to go the extra mile for our clients to ensure they feel educated, comfortable, and cared for in this complex industry.

Technical Account Manager

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

My goal at Andromeda is to proactively look at the business needs of the client.  This is done by good communication and planning. I really appreciate the team at Andromeda and our partner clients. Working together, we can do many great things.

Managed Services Team

Proactive Alignment Tech

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

My work includes knowing anything and everything that Andromeda has to offer so I can service it. I take pride in making sure the client is 100% satisfied before leaving the site. I enjoy being on the road in the field, and working with my teammates.

Remote Process Tech

“For true success, it matters what our goals are. And it matters how we go about attaining them. The means are as important as the ends. How we get there is as important as where we go.”

The Andromeda team prides itself on our quick response time and willingness to work until the job is completed. I enjoy providing the best professional and personal experience for our clients. Our team has a strong connection that enables us to resolve even the toughest issues.

Remote Process Tech

“I do my best work everyday so that everyone else can do their best work.”

I always try my best to get everything done quickly so clients can get back to their work as quickly as possible. At Andromeda, the people are very relatable and very easy to get along with.

Remote Process Tech

“Always look for the bright side of life.”

I consider myself a computer physician. I make client’s computers feel better, so the client feels better.

Remote Process Tech

“Never stop progressing!”

I’m passionate about the work I do and use my talent to help businesses grow and succeed. I enjoy working at Andromeda because the atmosphere is incredible and my teammates are all go getters, constantly progressing in their career and personal life.

Remote Process Tech

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

I enjoy helping clients achieve by supporting their IT needs. Most important, I learn about my clients business, so I can better serve them.

Field Tech

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”

As much as possible, I make transparent the technology on which clients build their vision. Their goals and mine will always align with enough communication. I really enjoy working with the Andromeda team, the camaraderie and the sense that we’re all in this together.

Field Tech

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”

I configure and install everything from computers, printers, networks, and servers. I try to tackle and resolve any issue that is presented or found while I’m on site. The clients and my co-workers are the best. I believe I have a great relationship with the people I work with daily.

Service Operator

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

I have 20 years of customer service experience. My passion is to help others and assist in fixing their computer or technology problems. One of the best parts of my job is that our team is like a family. Everyone is always willing to help each other without hesitation.

Professional Services Team

Project Coordinator

“My philosophy has always been to under promise and over deliver.”

If you have to have one skill in this role, it would be organization. I do a little bit of everything from sales to billing and invoicing, and a whole lot of coordinating. Building relationships with customers is so important. I want them to know that they can trust us with the work that we do and feel comfortable with the solution that we provide. You can’t do that without getting to know them personally and professionally. Andromeda not only cares about its customers, but their employees as well. I love feeling empowered by our leadership. Nothing we ever do involves one persons input, its always a team effort.

Senior Engineer

“Never spend 6 minutes doing something by hand when you can spend 6 hours failing to automate it.”

I work on technical and security policy implementation for Andromeda and am heavily involved with systems architecture and design, custom scripting for both internal and external use, and many other things. Andromeda always has your best interest at heart when designing a solution.

Systems Engineer

“You will find what you focus your light on.”

I am a creative engineer that likes to nerd out to the Nth degree, but who can also translate technical details to make it easily understood. I love thinking of new ways to approach technical issues, and love even more hearing and seeing how the result of Andromeda’s work improves everyone’s work life. While engineering and implementing IT projects, I always consider the extreme need for security while balancing the concerns of efficiency and business workflows.

Junior System Engineer

“Never stop learning!”

I help customers with their day-to-day IT problems, making their jobs easier. Helping others with their computer problems is Andromeda’s passion. The support of my teammates is the best.