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Bottle of Vanilla

The Client

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas (NMV) is a manufacturer of the finest pure vanillas and flavors. In business since 1907, the Nielsen-Massey brand has built an enviable reputation for the quality and consistency of its pure vanillas.

In 2020, NMV faced technology issues that had them looking for a new managed IT services partner, an on-site server solution, and network upgrades that could handle WFH demands. They needed to find an IT vendor to help them handle these existing projects but also wanted to find a company who could guide them for future technology needs.

  • Manage IT Services for a more proactive approach to IT Support.
  • On-Site Server Cluster with Virtual Machines.
  • SD-WAN upgrades to manage network traffic for all users.

To support the day-to-day IT needs of NMV, Andromeda provides managed IT services with server/workstation updates/patching, service desk support, cybersecurity tools and network monitoring.

Andromeda helped NMV migrate from a 3rd party host for their servers to an on-site server cluster with virtual machines. This gives NMV full control of their environment with Andromeda there to support any needs or issues that come up. Additionally, the new servers cut down on time spent uploading and downloading items daily for staff.

SD-WAN upgrades to the NMV network infrastructure help manage traffic and prioritize critical business apps so that all users can get work done efficiently whether working on-site or remote.

“They were always looking for ways to improve. Instead of ignoring things, they brought them to our attention, documented it, and moved forward with a plan.”

Vice President of IT

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